Andrzej Grzywacz co-organizes a special session at the 8th International Congress of Dipterology in Potsdam

Council for the International Congresses of Dipterology and the Senckenberg Nature Research Society – invite you to attend the
8th International Congress of Dipterology in Potsdam

This year Dr. Andrzej Grzywacz together with Dr. Daniel Whitmore organizes a session on Calyptratae Diptera at the 8th International Congress of Dipterology. The symposium focuses on one of the best supported natural groupings in the fly tree of life. Calyptrate flies are distributed worldwide and are diverse and abundant in most terrestrial habitats. They show an interesting diversity of ecological and behavioral adaptations and the full extent of their global diversity is yet to be discovered. Phyletic relationships within and among families and superfamilies of the Calyptratae are still being explored, and new molecular and morphological research tools make important contributions towards such inferences. The conference goes from August 10 to 15, 2014 in Potsdam and will be attended by more than 400 scientists from all over the world.