Prof. Werner Ulrich

  1. Evolution
  2. General ecology
  3. Mathematics and statistic for students of biology, biotechnology and environmental protection
  4. Second course in statistics for students of biotechnology (for students of the first year of master studies)
  5. Graduate course in statistics (for students of the third year or higher)
  6. Ecological and environmental modelling (for students of the first year of magister studies)
  7. Basics in population ecology
  8. Advanced analyses in community ecology
  9. Scientific writing and publishing
  10. Fund raising

Prof. Jarosław Buszko

  1. Biogeography
  2. Zoogeography
  3. Biology of selected groups of animals
  4. Entomological practice
  5. Entomofauna of Poland – diversity and conservation
  6. Animal migration

Prof. Krzysztof Szpila

  1. Forensic entomology, lab classes
  2. Entomology in legal medicine, lab classes
  3. Insect succession on carrion, lecture and lab classes/field course
  4. Biology and ecology of necrophagous flies, lab classes/field course

Dr Edmund Kartanas

  1. „Information technology” – Environment protection, I year, laboratory.
  2. “Computer science II – GIS”- Environment protection, III year, laboratory.
  3. „Information technology” – Biology, I year, laboratory.
  4. „Computer science” – Biotechnology, I year, lecture.
  5. „Computer science” – Biotechnology, I year, laboratory.
  6. „Information technology” – Biology – teaching specialty, I year, laboratory.

Dr Marcin Koprowski

  1. Plant taxonomy
  2. Phytogeography
  3. Angiosperm plants as bioindicators
  4. The diveristy of forest environments

Dr Marcin Piwczyński

  1. First course in mathematics and statistics for students of biology, biotechnology, and environmental protection
  2. Evolutionary Ecology for 4th year students of  environmental protection

Dr Andrzej Grzywacz

  1. Succession of arthropods on vertebrate carrion, laboratory
  2. First course in mathematics and statistics, laboratory
  3. Advanced analyses in community ecology, laboratory