For Students

Information for prospective postgraduate and postdoctoral students:

If you have an interest in the research that we do and would like to join our Chair, please send an email to Prof. Werner Ulrich with the following informations:

  1. Briefly state your research interests and reason for wanting to join the Chair.
  2. Your current degrees (or expected degrees) and institutions.
  3. Short CV including list of publications and accomplishments.
  4. Letter of recommendation from your latter supervisor.

Some potential projects:

  1. Ceraphronoidea of Northern Poland. (Prof. Werner Ulrich)
  2. Serphoidea of Northern Poland. (Prof. Werner Ulrich)
  3. Community wide patterns of species abundances under the influence of environmental stress and succession – a meta-analysis. (Prof. Werner Ulrich)
  4. Molecular phylogeny of Sarcophagidae with emphasis on subfamily Miltogramminae and Paramacronychinae. (dr hab. Krzysztof Szpila i dr Marcin Piwczyński)
  5. Reconstructing patterns of reticulate evolution in Daucus carota species complex (Apiaceae). (dr Marcin Piwczyński)