Dr Andrzej Grzywacz

zdjecie Dr Andrzeja GrzywaczaPhone: (56) 611-26-49

E-mail: grzywacz[at]umk.pl

Office: 282

Research Interests

Potential applications of Diptera in post-mortem interval (PMI) calculations are among my research interests, however the main topic of my research work now is a comparative study of the morphology of immature stages of Diptera, mainly Muscidae and Fanniidae. I have started also research projects on DNA barcoding and temperature dependent development of forensically important species. Work on the morphology of immature stages of carrion breeding species provided me with substantial experience of work with laboratory breeding of various species of flies and studying their detailed larval morphology, with a combination of light and scanning electron microscopy methods. Currently I study morphological adaptations of larval stages to their natural habitats. I am also interested in phylogeny, especially of Calyptratae, and the potential use of of larval and adults morphology together with molecular methods.


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